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“Socializing” the Kids

I have been to some degree concerned about getting my kids involved with other kids because I think they are a bit lonely for other kids to play with. I’m a bit protective about the influences that come into their life. In … Continue reading

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TERROR IN THE SPIRIT WORLD  Have you ever stepped back and watched the ant farm called the human race and seen the horror of it all? The Scriptures clearly tell us that things will get worse and that violence of all kinds will grow. … Continue reading

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Expressing Christ in Organic Church

Originally posted on Experiencing Christ:
I’ve found that when people hear about a church that gathers without a designated leader to present a prepared sermon or teaching, it is difficult for them to imagine how else the church would gather.…

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Originally posted on Mark Finger:
What did Paul teach us about the manner in which we are to assemble? And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:  not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together,…

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A Living Expression of Christ

Can only come through the gathering together of the Saints as they meet in fellowship in Truth and Spirit. This has been a recurring theme over the past few years in my thoughts and understanding since I have been writing this … Continue reading

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