Flee from Babylon

Catholicism is the devils religion. It is the harlot imposter of the bride of Christ, a modern version of the ancient religion of babylon, its head is the antichrist, its false priesthood filled with vile sexual immorality, its worship of mary and prayers to the dead are idolatry, its mass is an abomination to God, its communion a mockery of the body of Christ, and its history is filled with the shedding of true saints blood. It damns men to hell by selling them a false christ, a false atonement, and a false sense of peace with God through an unclean altar.

With such an unholy abomination that my Lord Jesus Christ hates I make no terms of peace. To those who call themselves my brethren and think that their acceptance of such a hellish organization makes them more loving than I am, I make this charge. You have been deceived…

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