Too Dark to Work

Jesus said that a time would come when no man could work. We cannot rely on our own (or anyone else’s understanding) of the time. We must have the Lord’s understanding.

I imagine that in Jesus’ day, to try to work at night was not just folly, but extremely dangerous. There was the problem of not being able to see and also the risk of encountering wild animals, bandits, thieves, robbers and murderers. Oh, perhaps a bit like our inner city streets today?

Today, I write with a sense of urgency; we are all in great danger. The darkness will be here sooner than we think and that darkness will last a time before the Lord destroys His enemies.

God shut Noah in the Ark seven days before the rain started falling. This is a chilling thought. It could mean that before the end of all things, there will come a time when God has finished His work of saving His people and then it will be too late for those left outside of Christ, but destruction will not come straight away, there may be a divine delay.

It could point to a time when the gospel of Christ can no longer be preached because God has hardened men’s hearts so they cannot be saved, like God hardened Pharaoh’s heart. This indeed, would be a very dark time. The Son not shining any longer because He has been hidden from men. The light that came into the darkness, now removed.

It seems to me that there came a time when Noah could no longer work because the Lord shut him in the Ark, but Noah’s work was finished anyway. Noah’s call to repentance had gone unheeded for one hundred and twenty years.

Inside the ark his voice was no longer heard and his work no longer seen. The people of the earth must have been celebrating and congratulating themselves that Noah was, after all, a fool and a madman, just as they had said all along.

That seven days delay must have lulled the whole world into a smug and self-righteous sense of security. Then the first drop of rain fell.

I’ve heard it said that as the rain continued and the waters rose on the surface of the earth, men were screaming to be let in but it was too late. But if we look at the Book of Revelation, we see that men would rather die than repent. So perhaps all Noah heard was some cursing and shouts of, “we’d rather die than be with Noah!”

Here’s another thing for us to ponder. It was only Noah and his family that were busy working for the LORD, preparing to escape the judgement to come. Today, it is only the Lord Jesus Christ and His family that are busy, preparing to escape the judgement to come. I am not saying that we are saved by our works here, I am pointing to the fact that as “competent ministers” the Lord has work for us to do and that work needs to be completed before it is too late, too “dark”.

As I finish up here I’m thinking about the Israelites waiting in their homes; blood sprinkled doorways, eating the Passover meal with their cloaks tucked in their belts and shoes on their feet. It was dark outside. God’s people were not outside working, but inside waiting.

Moses had finished all his testimony in the Land, now God was working, destroying His enemies.

Daylight, evening, darkness (divine delay), destruction.

by Steve Dines


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2 Responses to Too Dark to Work

  1. Al Nelson says:

    I found this very sobering. There will come a time where God will stop saving men. He will let go and gather up those who are His in Christ. This will not be the time to find out you are not His. I also think there will be many false converts who will be shocked, dismayed and their emotions will turn to anger and hatred.

  2. fleebabylon says:

    “I found this very sobering. ”

    Me too.

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