Origins of Halloween

The Occult Origins of Halloween
Nothing in depth. Simply a short 15 minutes video interview of a former satanist.
Credit to Mark Watson for posting the infowars link.

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2 Responses to Origins of Halloween

  1. fleebabylon says:


    We quit halloween several years ago. The year we quit we had decided that we would dress our kids up in “clean” costumes (winnie the pooh or something). We made it half way around the block and were greeted at a door by a woman dressed as a witch with all kinds of special effects. That was it for us.

  2. Al Nelson says:

    That’s awesome how the Lord showed you His will for your lives. We never took the kids trick or treating, but we would let the kids carve pumpkins. In and of itself it seems innocuous. But it’s still a remainder of pagan practices that need to be put away. It shows friendship with the world and diminishes our witness in Christ. These things have no place in the Kingdom of Christ do they.

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