Praise is a fruit of following the Lord. We Praise God when we see something of His Glory and work in our life or someone else’s life. If our focus is on Him and our walk in Him, then praise comes naturally. We don’t focus on praise to produce praise. We focus on Christ and praise Him for His work of Grace and Mercy, Righteousness and Holiness.

Praise God!

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  1. Al Nelson says:

    So if God does something wonderful and we recognize that, the result is that we praise Him!

  2. Al Nelson says:

    So can we pre-plan a time to praise God? I know we can pre plan a time to gather in His name. Praise can happen during that time. I’m thinking in terms of purposely planning to praise God without the leading of the Spirit. I think only those inside the institution think in those terms. Any thoughts?

  3. Many years back I was handed a book that was called something like “Power through Praise.” Although it came highly recommended I don’t believe I ever read much of it. Thinking over the title itself that may have been a good thing. There is something terribly wrong with us if the reason we praise God has any self interest tied to it at all.

    Sadly most of todays religion sets aside times for worship and/or praising God. I think Ian pointed out real well recently that this isn’t what God is after, nor is worship necessarily even tied with music at all. I think we can say that goes for praising Him as well.

    True praise stems from a heart that has been changed and a relationship with God that grows in intimacy. Any of us can say words that appear to praise God, words which sound proper and seem fitting toward one’s creator. But is that what our Father is after or is their something more to be found.

    Before I was born from above, I often and almost always overlooked many things which these days have taken on a new perspective. Whether that includes a renewed awareness of my surroundings as in nature, finding what might appear like an insignificant coin upon the ground or one or more new like minded friendships, all of these turn my eye and my heart toward heaven. Each is an opportunity to see the glory of what God has made, an opportunity to find how it might be personally applicable or just enjoyable, and grant me another reason to spontaneously praise Him through that discovery and throughout that day.

    If praise takes effort, it is best left to a better man or woman to offer it. Where praise comes naturally and effortlessly, rest assured that individual has a heart set upon Him, and longs to be near Him and express praise wherever and through whatever may be found.

    Thank for the reminder Al.

  4. Colin Saxton says:

    No matter what people say…this sermon on love brings praise to God and all who listen to it will hear the teaching of the Spirit through this teacher.

  5. Al Nelson says:

    Hi Colin, God Bless you brother. I think all of us at one time or another have listened to earthly teachers that pointed us to Christ. But there is one teacher, the Holy Spirit who guides us and teaches us.
    1Jn 2:26-29 These things have I written unto you concerning them that seduce you.
    But the anointing which ye have received of Him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in Him.
    I don’t post this that I have stopped listening to what men have to say. But of course I weigh things according to how the Lord has already trained and taught me. Part of that is weighing things in accordance of the teachers perspective, whether from a institutional perspective or not. There are many truth’s that transcend institution or out of institution like having love for one another or love for our enemies.
    So then, who is our perfect example? Christ. Who is our perfect teacher? The Holy Spirit. THe ways of Christ are at odds with the way of the world. For far too long has the visible church ignored that which is True in so far as fellowshipping together and following the commands of Christ. Like call no man teacher, rabbi, etc. These are not my words, but Christ’s when I see them and recognize the truth I must obey or be in disobedience to Christ. Once I am obedient in one area then He opens up another truth so then the more truth I obey then the whole facade of the insitution begins to fall and you suddenly realize that there is a resemblance to True Christianity and then there is the Body of Christ, the True Bride who will be raised up pure and white in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  6. ian vincent says:

    Praise God! That’s all i can say about this post. 🙂 As has been said there are many ways to praise God. I think that in general Christians should speak more to one another and to outsiders about the infinite glory and wonder of the Lord. True gospel preaching is also praise. And when people love and obey Him then He receives that person as a praise to Him.

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