Separating the Assembly

I have long wondered why churches of today separate people when they study the Bible. They separate the men from the women, the children from the parents and the old from everyone else. This seems very wrong to me. For if you separate the assembly of Saints, then aren’t you dividing the house? If you divide the house it will fall. And so it is today as many of us who are awake in Christ compare institutional church with how the Saints of old walked in the Spirit we see how divided the witness of Christ has become. First it began along denominational lines, then along gender and age lines. Is this really in the name of Christ? How can the young see the walk of the more mature? The mature are teachers whether they realize it or not. How can Saints along all gender and age lines easily hold each other accountable in the Gospel? If a younger Saint begins to speak of a problem he or she has, then if a more mature Saint has gone through that, if the whole assembly were together, then it would be easy to guide the less mature in Christ. Do you see what I’m saying? Our fathers have added to the word of God thinking they have done us a favor. Rather they have listened to the enemies lies and divided the Assembly in Christ that it would be compromised, both in power and Spirit. Yes the Spirit is quenched as well. Let us not divide His house! It is an apostate practice that works against the will of God! Rather let all come together at once in peace and order. Not just for the sermon, but also for Bible Study, also for the discussion of all things related in Christ.

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