Denominations are divisions

Mickey Merrie Says:
August 29, 2013 at 6:30 pm

For me it goes back to the fallacy of the word “church” which is not the meaning of His Ekklesia. Wherever you see the word “church” in the bible, (by the way it is seen in both the Old and New Testaments, thanks to translations such as King James), simply substitute “the physical building” and then ‘the called out elect of God.” Since there are about 150 opportunities in scripture the exercise will become quite profitable.

Now IF you see this as “the place of fellowship” ie a physical building where a particular group meets, then it would be man’s natural process to name it. However, If you see this as ‘the called out elect of God” then you perhaps would better see this as a gathering that transcends places and times. The question for them then really boils down to, Who created this Ekklesia and what does He call it? For you see even the name Ekklesia was borrowed from a political setting.

He calls this gathering from the Old and New Covenants various names, Israel, His Bride, the Elect, The Ekklesia/Ecclesia, and even His chosen people! Some saved by faith in the coming Messiah and other saved through faith in His finished Work at Calvary.

So now we are down to the particular naming rights issue at hand. Scripture shows that various “churches”/”gatherings were referred to as for example the 7 “churches” named in the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ as given to St John. These were “named” by physical geographic location. In other places we read of the “church” that meets at somebody’s home, or in the outer courts of the temple, or from house to house. In each case it was merely used a way of differentiating fellowships that were specifically being referred to in scripture.

Is it then a sin to choose as a fellowship to name your fellowship? I don’t think so… But the question remains, WHY do we feel the need to take on a formal name, when the history of those who have chosen this method of identification is so anti Christ in their eventual walk? As in all things, fruit will be born from our choices. Any ‘works” that originate from Christ through me will bare good fruit. Any “works’ that are bore from me doing for Christ will bare bad fruit if fruit at all and will then be cut off and burned.

Should we break from fellowship over this matter? Or should we split over what we see as essential or non-essential? Well isn’t that the very meaning of and fruit of denominationalism? And just what denomination didn’t originate in the flesh and as the satanic fruit it is?
Denominations are divisions and Christ’s on “fellowship of the elect” will never taste of such fruit!

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3 Responses to Denominations are divisions

  1. This is an excellent word from our brother Al. He finds himself in similar conditions as you do: predominately alone where he temporarily resides, (he’s in PA) but listening to and speaking the truth as he’s led by the Spirit. Maybe he couldn’t resist the urge to enter the fray around here or maybe its just because we’re all so adorable…lol….I can dream can’t I…….

  2. Al Nelson says:

    LOL, yer funny Michael! Yeah I appreciate the Spirit led things Mickie has written lately. Hopefully he will be led to join us online…

  3. Mickey Merrie...or is it Mickie? says:

    That’s Mickey Al! LOL Mickey Merrie! And you only appreciate what I’ve written…Lately!?!?
    Then it’s a good thing I don’t save the stuff I’ve written! LOL Remember Al I’m not the pearl or the oyster, but the irritating sand! 🙂

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