Servant Authority

Servant Authority

A reminder for me and a message for all the Body of Christ.

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3 Responses to Servant Authority

  1. Thinking back upon the competitive nature of religions and the responsibilities therein gives new meaning to the verse found in Matthew 11:28. Its a lot of work to gain and retain a notable reputation in those places, a reputation Jesus Himself relinquished for the sake of those He came to save- the only difference being His being worthy of it while we are not.

    It’s a wonderful day when we realize the vanity of it all, more so if we’re willing to be the example to others of what is mans to be “last” amongst all. Contrary to the common perception of this being a derogatory thing, in reality, it shows forth the humility of Christ and the reality of a changed life who’s heart is set upon Him.

    God’s ways are clear…..not many wise, not many mighty, not many noble, but God has chosen the foolish and the weak and the base. Why? To nullify what men attempt to become in their own eyes and before other men- to strip mankind of any and all attempts to become something they were never meant to be.

  2. It’s kind of encouraging … foolish? … I qualify!

    Finally, a test I can pass.

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