Living without an Agenda of Our Own

Something important to consider as we move forward in Christ. It is His will and agenda. Not ours. Let us drop our own flesh and expectations and look to Him alone. Then there will be peace.

A Wilderness Voice

jesus_washing_feet Yesterday my wife and I went to a gathering of saints at one of their homes. We had known these brothers and sister since about 1970. Over the years since Jesus first knit us together we have all gone different ways and have had many different experiences in churches and life as a whole. It was really good to just come together as God’s family with no one having an agenda in mind. How often in the past I have seen Christians come together not for the best, but for the worst. When we tried to come together and it seemed that somebody (even me) had an agenda to see something happen or to get our point across and it ruined the whole time. Resting in Jesus’ presence in each one of us made all the difference, yesterday, and it was from there that HE was able to speak and…

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