Condemning the Just

15 He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the just, Both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord. (Proverbs 17:15)

It is one thing to justify the wicked and quite another to condemn the just. In the assembly, before the Lord, we must walk in His Holiness and Righteousness. And when that Holiness and Righteousness becomes an offense to any of the brethren, beware! For certianly strife is at the door. Let me quote another verse of wisdom from Proverbs.

It is not good to show partiality to the wicked,
Or to overthrow the righteous in judgment.
(Proverbs 18:5)

Keeping in line with the walk of holiness and righteousness in the assembly, when the wicked gain entry by stealth, but then are discovered by some, that wickedness needs to be dealt with swiftly. If it is not dealt with swiftly the end result is destruction for the assembly and the relationships involved. This can lead to the overthrow of the righteous in judgment.

The only way to avoid such calamity is to build relationships such that you can trust one another in Christ Jesus. For such a test reveals the lack of love and trust among the brethren in the assembly. Even the lack of knowledge in the Lord.

This is why Paul spent so much time exhorting various assemblies to have true love and grace for one another. Not to be condemning one another, but building each other in Christ to the edification of all. Yet it still each one’s responsibility to act on what we know of the Lord. He alone will chastise or commend each one of us according to our acts in righteousness or unrighteousness. Even for some to the outer darkness with weeping and  gnashing of teeth.

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2 Responses to Condemning the Just

  1. Colin Saxton says:

    I like this post brother – Proverbs 17:15 destroys liberal teaching and should make people speak out against evil and call it what it is – evil. I also see another warning in there. Those who are saved in Christ can sometimes get it wrong and we have to be sensitive to the differences so we don’t condemn a brother or sister who is washed in the blood of the Lord and in who’s fruit is starting to grow but not there in some area. One of my long growing fruits has to be gentleness – I can sometimes be sharp where a little more sensitivity with the same words would have done the job better.

    How many wolves are allowed to wonder among the flock? Can you imagine leaving rapists around your children. Why do some pastors leave false teachers around young Christians? Not only putting them under physical danger but putting their souls in danger. Its strange that Paul the apostle talked about the day we live in – that we are going to have more false teachers yet we also live in a day when men are just cowards and shy away from them and allow them to roam around and trample the vegetable garden like wild boars devouring the first fruits. When we see false teaching being gentle but firm has to be the only way. Those who continue against right teaching should be put out of the congregation and not allowed to destroy young lambs.

    Made me think when dealing with other brothers and sisters. God bless you brother and hope all is well.

  2. Al Nelson says:

    God bless you as well Colin. I’m comforted you see the truth in what the Lord has shown me. Great points in what you see in what we allow affects brothers and sisters new to the faith. I’m reminded that not every one who claims the name of Christ is of Christ. We know them by their fruits. It is everyone’s responsibility to act and react righteously to that which causes offense. Gentle but firm. Well said.

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