God’s Word, Scripture Part 2

OK, I meant to post what my wife wrote first originally. What I quoted in the first part was an additional thought to what I am going to share now. Just consider this an addendum to the previous post. May the Lord guide you and keep you.

When we are called out by the Lord is it not His judgment that we should be worried about and not others? Why do brothers and sisters say they preach of love and grace, yet what comes out of there mouth is vial and full of fire? How do people pretend to care and know that what they did was wrong to turn around and sling it back on others? If God put into a mans heart that he needs to write about love and grace wouldn’t those words only come from the Lord and not the quotes of men? Isn’t Gods words worth more in this life than the words of men?

When we speak should it not be from the Lord and not others? Has not God made it clear that to follow Him is salvation? So why would we gratify others and their quotes when the parables of Christ Jesus tells us and shows us what we fail to see everyday. Men gratify others and not the more Holy Lord almighty, isn’t that just like serving another God? I know that more people are using men to make Gods point instead of using the Holy Bible to bring the Lord of Light to focus. I know that there are plenty of verses for this, but I think the next blog should be Following the true Lord don’t you? I know that some would say that using a quote from someone else is not bad, but then why are we reading the Bible? Isn’t that like saying I don’t like the way God has put it but I like how this person did? Isn’t God a jealous God? So why would we disappoint Him if we are using the words of others and not using His?
We might as well be changing the Bible to our words instead of His and then we can watch the plagues of the world come down upon us and then cry out his name saying why Lord have you forsaken me.

The Lord has spoken and we need to listen. When one has not preached His words from what the Lord has provided and uses others to bring his point to life, then that is a sign of mistrust in the Lord. Does God not say if you hear me knowledge will come with understanding? So why are we misguided? We are misguided by our selfish worldly understanding of what everyone inside the church and outside of the church is taught or listens to. Why do we think that we need to do God’s job by creating a better way of understanding of Him when all we need to do is tell people and open their eyes to the truth, not show them better ways of distorting or making a verse sound better than when God or Jesus said it right. We talk about standing for truth, then we need to stand in the words of the Lord not the words of men. Putting a better spin to the word of God does not make one better or more righteous. It just shows the ignorance and the stubbornness of men.

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