Unfit for Fellowship

There is a ring of Truth to what the Lord had brother Mark write. Please consider it in your walk before Him. For we will all be judged individually for who we are In Christ Jesus according to His way and not ours.

Mark Finger

Fellowship is first with God.

If we cannot be honest with and trust Him, we cannot be honest with and trust others. We are unfit for corporate fellowship.

Moreover, God will not place such people in a fellowship, as they are cancerous growths that spread disease, infecting others, and misrepresenting Christ.

They may still gather with others in places, here and there, like leaves blown into the same location, but it is not the wind of the Spirit that drives them.

The wind of the Holy Spirit gathers us for a purpose, as indispensible members of one another, and the evidence of His gathering is a people who are wholly able to trust and follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit in their midst.

When God is leading in a fellowship, we see a willingness to receive His witness through all the saints. It is this Witness [and…

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