Do You See?

My Dreams and Visions

As I was driving home from a business trip 06/10/2015 a vision was shown to me. In the vision I saw people wearing sunglasses. The sunglasses were very thick and they were as dark as what a welder’s mask would be. There were many who were wearing these sunglasses. These people who were wearing the sunglasses were walking around with an open Bible in their hands and they were using a walking cane, such as a blind person would use, to navigate where they were going.

Several things stand out here.

First and foremost sunglasses are something one wears by choice. 8n this vision I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like what these people were wearing. It was like they chose not to see. I remember that the sun was also shining brightly in my vision.

Secondly these people needed a blind person’s walking cane in…

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