Archeaologists Discover Possible Ruins of Sodom

News Article Here

Do you think it’s a coincidence such news is being released now? In light of recent events in conctradiction to God I think not. God is warning mankind to repent or face destruction. Grace and Mercy are found in Christ Jesus!

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1 Response to Archeaologists Discover Possible Ruins of Sodom

  1. I find this part interesting: “The city is believed to have prospered during the Early and Middle Bronze Ages (between 3500 and 1540 B.C.), Popular Archaeology says, and is strategically located along water sources and trade routes, suggesting that it was a central hub during its time. The city-state is flanked by walls and fortifications that archaeologists say would have required “millions of bricks” and “large numbers of laborers” to build.”

    Prosperous, strategically located, militarily strong … and yet, it was destroyed by the sin of its people.

    God gives an object lesson: those who fear God, listen.

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