Bible Versions

I think it’s funny how the English speaking world argues about which version is better or if one version passes a test when there are many who don’t speak English and have only one version in their own language. There are yet many languages that don’t have a version. Yes there are some really bad English translations that have come out, but I think God can still speak to people through some of these and move them on to something better. Or at least that’s my experience. When I started really getting into the word when the Lord was touching me, I couldn’t hardly make it through King James. Someone gave me an NIV and that suffice for a while for the Spirit to work in me. I really don’t read that version anymore, but prefer a New King James. When I read scripture to the kids before bed, I read from an American Standard. When I really want to study something out I use an Interlinear Bible that has Strong’s numbers.
Yeah, I think us English readers are spoiled to the hilt when there are many just depending on guidance through the Holy Spirit as well as the witness of the Body of Christ.

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  1. fleebabylon says:

    Brother – this is my story too! I was given a NLT, not much different then the message yet the Lord used it! Then I started to see there were some really loose ideas presented compared to the NIV so I moved to that. Now I read the NKJV too. I teach my kids from it and it somewhat keeps my KJV only friends off my back!

    God bless you in Christ Jesus.


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