Back to Eden Film

Here is a video I think is important for those who have land and are preparing for dark days ahead. I do think this is inspired and given by our Lord and want to pass this on. The video is show free on the website.

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6 Responses to Back to Eden Film

  1. Thanks for link Al. I found the video quite compelling as well as encouraging due to the many Biblical principles taught throughout. Although God has taught me along these lines I was especially moved when one of the contributors reminded us all: “If something is too hard, it’s quite likely not from God” That hurts. I’m afraid for me this is a lesson I’ve only thought I’ve learned at times. God’s ways are simple, sad how few of us really believe this or want to walk along His lines.
    We’re far too educated and sophisticated for all that these days.
    We should be praying for the authors as well as the receipients of this video. Herein are many lessons to be learned, spiritually and practically for our good and His glory. All men should be humbled by how God’s wisdom indeed dwarfs our own so-called ingenuity and answers to lifes issues. I’m in the landscaping business and am quite embarrased that I spend so much time working and so little time asking and listening in the midst. Hopefully that trend will change.

  2. Al Nelson says:

    “We’re far too educated and sophisticated for all that these days.”
    Amen Michael. That’s why the Lord told us we need to be like little children right?
    “We should be praying for the authors as well as the receipients of this video.”
    Some of the people appear to be Christians, others not so much. The 2 young ladies who filmed this don’t seem to be Christian, but do seem to have been affected by Paul’s testimony during the time they filmed him and his garden. After watching the first time, I wanted to share with the wife. Our connection was too slow so I ended up buying the video knowing that I wanted to put the principles to work. Anyway there’s extra stuff on the video, one of which is an interview with the 2 women who did do the filming and interviews.
    “I spend so much time working and so little time asking and listening in the midst.”
    I concur in my own case as well. But I press on as best I know how. Keep striving for Christ as I know you are!

  3. ian vincent says:

    We also cant download big files, what is the film about?

  4. Al Nelson says:

    Hi Ian, the film describes a way of growing fruit and vegetables with no or minimal watering on our part. The system can apparently be put in place over almost any type of ground, be it rocky, or not. Not sure about sand. They lay down newspaper, then about a minimum of 4 inches (11 cm) of soil. Then the covering. The focus in the film is ground up tree mulch which can be obtained from tree service. The tree service cuts down the tree then grinds it up into a mulch. That type of mulch is important because all the bits are different sizes and let the air in and yet hold moisture.
    What I like most is that the guy explaining the system is Christian and brings a Christian perspective. Actually he says God showed him how to do this. It’s what happens in nature, so it can be copied. We don’t need to till the ground like in traditional farming.

  5. Al Nelson says:

    Jesus is also the focus in the film. The guy that demonstrates the technique also shows that we are in need of covering because of sin and that Christ is that covering.

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