A Call to Worship

A Call to Worship

Something to prayerfully consider from the JudahsLion.BlogSpot.

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2 Responses to A Call to Worship

  1. I really did enjoy this post Al, but I don’t see how this man’s credentials and position don’t conflict with the very things he says he is opposed to. For example, “How can a man say that he wants Christ to remain preeminent while he himself remains at the center?” “How can people refrain from not idolizing or following him, while his own choices prove he is distinct and separate from others?”
    The cross does precede a resurrection, this we know. But the cross must first strip us of all that we have erected in our spiritual lives, and until it does, our words simply don’t and won’t have resurrection power in impacting others. Such a lifestyle is riddled with hypocrisy.

    I find it interesting where he mentioned an intimacy among Christians via an internet “church.” Obviously the man sees “some” of the present day apostacy, yet still is a promoter of the errors that lead to the very things he claims are the problem. I do appreciate his heart in this matter of worship, but until he truly dies to all that opposes Christ, he is hardly to be commended. I’m still thinking over whether I’ll respond to the man personally myself. As a general rule, I pretty much ignore what religious professionals have to say because I find their lives to be inconsistent with the Scriptures. That’s just me of course…..

  2. Al Nelson says:

    I do like many things Rick writes. He seems to be pointing to Christ rather than himself. While I have not perceived Rick to still be part of the institution, perhaps you have seen something I haven’t. (Other than his proclamation of being an ordained pastor but placing his discipleship in Christ first.)
    Certainly he writes on many of the hard things others refuse to communicate, something I appreciate about his witness. If he wants more of the Lord, as I perceive him to want, then perhaps he is a man humble before our King. If you contact him, I’ll be interested to find out if he is who I have perceived him to be.

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