A Testimony of Humility

Brothers and sisters, I praise the Lord Jesus and lift Him up in the following testimony. It His work in my life for I fail Him daily. But He has sanctified me by the blood He has spilt on the Cross for my sins.

We are called to a life of humility. The more humble we are and embrace the fiery trials we are put through, the more the Lord will trust us. The more the Lord trusts us the more He will open us up to others to witness to.

I will not testify of all my fiery trials this year, but I want to focus upon the trials I have faced in my employment. Up until recently I have worked at a company for nearly ten years. It may be a mile stone for some and a mere moment for others as some people have worked for the same company their whole life. The length of time may be immaterial in the end except that it served its purpose in bringing me further in my walk and discipleship in Christ Jesus. All fiery trials serve this purpose. Without getting too specific I will testify in general that I fought through a manager who was ill equipped to manage others. Who could not or would not go to bat for others or stand behind them in a righteous manner. Who held righteous people as guilty and guilty people as righteous. I fought through some of those employees who were unrighteous. And how did I fight through? By humbling myself, letting my daily walk testify of who I am before Christ. Not fighting evil with evil, but blessing those who cursed me. By embracing those people whole heartedly seeking how we might find a path to peace. In those instances it was those that initially agreed to that walk, who quickly fled. Each time I sought those people out in humility and righteousness, they ran from the light. They ran because there is no light in them. Darkness cannot comprehend the light.

Needless to say and as I have confessed to those who have known me personally that I was wearied of the unrighteousness at my current place of employment. There were other factors as well. Many that are commonplace to all who work in a corporate environment. I’m sure what I am testifying of generally is commonplace.

On June 12, 2014 I confessed to the Lord Jesus that He was the author and finisher of my faith. He is the one who placed me at that place of employment. He is the one who will remove me when it is right. On June 13, 2014, a day like most others filled with the busyness of the day, at about 11:00 a.m. I quietly asked the Lord “How long?” His answer came two hours later in form of a phone call. A woman whom I had worked for twelve years before was calling to ask if I was ready for a change. Of course I was and by July 7, 2014 I was beginning a new venture as a manager within her company. A responsibility I do not take lightly. For I believe I am charged with treating others righteously in all humility. To continue to stand in Truth and be a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes there are material benefits to what I now do, but the fact is that the Lord charges each one of us to be good stewards of what He has given His people, whether little or much or somewhere in between. It is through a life of humility knowing that He knows what we are in need of. Whether it be discipline, a fiery trial or a time of peace. He is all knowing and deals with each one of us who are His on an individual basis. He is jealous for each one of us. Not wishing any to be lost. Let us submit to His will. Not for material things or earthly power, but in humility and the righteousness of Christ. God Bless you in your walk.

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2 Responses to A Testimony of Humility

  1. Al, you wrote: “We are called to a life of humility. The more humble we are and embrace the fiery trials we are put through, the more the Lord will trust us. The more the Lord trusts us the more He will open us up to others to witness to.”

    I lived this in the last 48 hours.

    I will trust Christ alone.

  2. Al Nelson says:

    Amen brother! I’m so glad the Lord is leading us together. As I told you over the phone I want to testify publicly that I had a dream the other night that I was angry about a situation. In the midst of the dream the Lord by the Holy Spirit gave me an overwhelming sense of trust in Him. I had no more to worry about. My wife received the same anointing this week as well. Many blessings in Christ Jesus to you and your family!

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