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adoring the new popeToday as I came to prepare my blog about the new pope, I re-opened a note I’d made a week or so previously, and had never finished. Now, it seems even more relevant, so I will start off with what I wrote then:

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  1. After Hitler gained power [in the midst of an economic calamity], he promised the people bread, cheese, and milk. When we read that the anti-christ will enter as a man of peace (Daniel 11), we should also think of peace as meaning ‘prosperity’: he will usher in a new season of temporary abundance and blessing.

    The great danger of the end of the age is deception [in a magnitude never before witnessed on earth]: it is this that we must guard against.



    • Al Nelson says:

      I’ve been letting this one sink in for a few days. I’ve understood that the most people will be enthralled with the person. I’ve also considered that the government that’s ushered in under this person will be one that seeks to supply everyone’s needs. This includes an attempt at world peace. Until he comes and surrounds Jerusalem.

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